[Theforum] Re: root access

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Sat Apr 27 13:00:08 CDT 2002

> While I understand your reasoning, is that how it's been
> implemented in any organization you've been part of? Does the
> CEO of the company *really* have root access?

But, we're not a company and we don't have a CEO. I think that this
parallel just doesn't apply to our situation. I see where you all are
trying to get with that but it doesn't work.

We are all volunteer. Anything that happens around here happens on the
initiative, skills and passion of the people involved.

What I do think we need is a backup system involved. If *only* the IT
director has the keys to root then what happens if he quits or dies or
becomes comatose? There has to be a better way to manage the keys to our
system at various levels and I think that's what we are "gagging for" to
use a Mirianism.

So, let's concentrate on what our checks and balances are going to be as
well as given those that need deeper (if not root) access, that access
so that we can move forward more easily and so that the whole system
doesn't rely on the benevolence of a few.

- amanda

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