[Theforum] Re: root access

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Sat Apr 27 22:12:53 CDT 2002

A. Erickson said:

> But, we're not a company and we don't have a CEO. I think that this
> parallel just doesn't apply to our situation. I see where you all are
> trying to get with that but it doesn't work.
> We are all volunteer. Anything that happens around here happens on the
> initiative, skills and passion of the people involved.

But nevertheless, shouldn't the sc be doing sc stuff, rather than fiddling
with the boxes? The SC should be the ones who hand out root access. they
should have the power to take it away and give it as needed (as well as
other levels of access). However they shouldn't need it themselves. To take
the example of the flame article being posted, the SC could then revoke that
person's access to the machines, and get someone else from that group to fix
the problem (take the article down). This way the SC is administrating evolt
like it's meant to be doing, without having to get involved with technical
stuff. (Notto say SC members can'e be involved - they just have to join the
relevant group, of course?).


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