responsibility sharing (was: Re: [Theforum] quick change)

Dean Mah dmah at
Wed May 8 07:56:16 CDT 2002

Martin writes:

> On Wednesday, May 8, 2002, at 04:03  am, William Anderson wrote:
> >> great, good to know. I've added you to the wiki page, but notice that
> >> you
> >> haven't created a FactFinding page about yourself ... <hint, hint>
> >
> > Remind me how to create one and I'll do it :)  I'm listed on the
> > FactFindingMission page tho
> See thon question mark after yer name? It's a link - click it.
> More info at
> (although you can use HTML if you like)
> Cheers
> Martin

Michele mentioned that there were some problems using Netscape with
Zope or our usage of Zope.  Is this a permanent problem?  Or is this
something that is being fixed?  I can view information but I cannot
edit it.


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