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Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Wed May 8 11:07:42 CDT 2002

> Elfur, I am sorry but I have to speak up on Dan's behalf on this one.

that's ok Brian. it's good that things are aired rather than suppressed.

> 1) Of course the email was meant as a slap.  The words used in it could
> not be taken any other way.  Maybe you should go back and reread it
> yourself. Please see the post I just put up prior to this one if you
> can follow the thread back.

the email was meant as a slap, that i think we can all agree to, but i
still don't think it was meant as an attack on the person, but rather on
the opinion/decision.

> 2) I do agree that there have been personal attacks on Dan.  I think
> that Dan has done an outstanding job of holding his cool through the
> last couple of weeks in regards to that and I think that I, (yes even
> I), find it offensive that you would suggest that Dan is out of line in
> expressing his distaste in the face of the overtly cynical remarks
> thrown his way.

i'm sorry you feel that way. and maybe i don't see adrian's remarks as a
personal attack because i know somewhat how adrian's mind works, i've known
him for good four years now.
However the email you sent earlier, the way you've collected together the
words used, i do see how you might have seen his words as an attack on the

> Dan obviously also has a great amount of care for this
> organization

absolutely. and i'm the first to stand up and say so whenever and wherever,
no matter if we're otherwise disagreeing with each other.

> don't minimize his points by dismissing them as
> retributive rhetoric.  That in itself is an arrogant stance and is in
> itself is inflammatory.  Don't goad someone into a defensive position
> and then slap them for being defensive.

that wasn't my intention at all. I do understand that he's hurt. I do know
that he feels like the emails are targeted to diminish him and his persona.
I simply was trying to suggest to him not to take it in like that. pointing
out that my perspective was that the intention was to slap the opinion and
decision, but not the person. Because that's what i've known adrian and
others to do in the past.

> 3) Yes the problem does lie
> with a decision and the dispute therein, so stop bringing the personal
> stuff into it.  And don't stand on a pedestal and point the finger at
> those who are simply reacting to the finger pointing at them.

i honestly was trying to be nice. trying to help the situation and even
trying to bring the discussion away from the personal aspect of it. i'm not
on any pedestal or any other place different from the rest of evolt.org
members, again, i'm truly sorry you feel that way.

i'll try to refrain from such a tone in my emails in the future, but please
remember my intention while reading my mail. For the first time i even feel
the need to express the fact that english isn't my native language, and i
might be choosing my words badly.

*the icelandic one*

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