[Theforum] list management

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed May 8 15:44:05 CDT 2002

thelist and thesite are assigned to me for now....  dean mah has
access and so does matt warden... i see no problem with them
staying on, if they so desire...

we need to get more people on this and cover more timezones, as
we had discussed...

now is a good time to raise any concerns and any ideas about how
to limit it...

we have a list of people who have expressed interest (and many of
them have experience doing it) sitting on the wiki:

so, how should we proceed?  if anyone has objections to anyone
on that list, email me offlist (or here, if you desire)...

but with just that list, we've got some good coverage...

i can't find the email with the other folks who helped while dan was
away, but i'm wondering if they are interested as well...

further suggestions?

i will be missing tomorrow night, for instance, all night for a UT
tournament, so now might be a good time to get the ball rolling...

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