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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed May 8 16:17:19 CDT 2002

To requote from my earlier message sent out today .. here are some of the
questions/issues I raised.  Not trimmed mind ya .. and they might seem a bit
out of context without the rest of the other email... yet I think they
should be addressed nonetheless.

List Administration

Someone explain something to me please.  Why is it that not just a few weeks
ago I was personally blasted because I responded to a list membership email
as Dan gave me access (actually he never took it away, I just wasn't using
it)?  I've seen a call made for others to help Adrian administer thelist.
Ok, fair enough, but umm.. where was that decision made?  How come now it's
not an Admin Only Task just because Adrian's in charge of it?

Also, how does this affect the excellent progress that was being made on
thecharter list? How will this effect the Backend working group we've been
discussing over there?  Have we taken 10 steps backwards now?  It sure seems
like it to me.  Oh yeah, throw a temper tantrum and halt all progress.

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From: "aardvark" <roselli at earthlink.net>

| thelist and thesite are assigned to me for now....  dean mah has
| access and so does matt warden... i see no problem with them
| staying on, if they so desire...

So do I .. and I think the others were Miriam, Garrett C., Chris S. and John

| we need to get more people on this and cover more timezones, as
| we had discussed...

Discussed, but who made the final decision?  and where?  Has documentation
been created/prepared so that new administrators have something to read so
they understand what its all about?  Not that there's much to figure out
anymore, since the new interface is much more user-friendly.

| now is a good time to raise any concerns and any ideas about how
| to limit it...

Quoted some above.




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