[Theforum] m.e.o. management (was: meo barriers)

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Mon May 27 01:55:31 CDT 2002

Martin wrote:

>  >That's one good half of the story. Now let's look at the other half - of
>  >the 850 or so meo accounts, how many are using the web space to enhance
>  >their skills technologies they already know, or learn new technologies?

Matt responded:

>Tell you what, I'll give you a directory listing, and you can start
>looking through all the accounts, k?

I'm confused about who the m.e.o. manager is. I had the erroneous
impression that Matt was that person, but he's indicated that it's
not his responsibility.

Does anyone know who the m.e.o. manager is? Do we have one? If so, we
need that person to take charge of the issue of assessing use of
m.e.o. and for monitoring m.e.o. for misuse. If we don't have one, we
need one.

Actually, what we need is a group to manage m.e.o.. I can see that
the task would be more than one person might be able to deal with

We need to resolve the following issues:

1.  Who should be managing m.e.o.? We need to establish a management body.

2.  We need to readdress the written admission policy for m.e.o..
Several of us have agreed that it needs to be better defined.

3.  The management criteria need to be defined (I don't know that one
currently exists in any written form). What exactly is our method of
assuring that the m.e.o. account holders continue to meet our
criteria for accounts, after they've been given one? Having a formal
document would be essential if someone disputes our decision to
remove them, and would undoubtedly come in handy for other reasons as

4.  We need the m.e.o. management group to assess current usage of
m.e.o., address issues of misuse, and inform m.e.o. account holders
of changes to our policies as they arise.

There are a number of ways the management and assessment task would
help evolt.org survive and thrive:

* Proper assessment of m.e.o. would assist us in accurately
determining our server needs as we look for hosting solutions.

* If m.e.o. account holders aren't using their space for the intended
purpose, we should open that space up to those who could really use
it. This could bolster our community (see numbers 3 and 4).

* In monitoring m.e.o., the administrating group would encourage
participation in evolt.org. That participation may help us in
unforeseen ways. Perhaps someone who starts participating would have
knowledge or energy or other resources they could contribute towards
solving our current predicament.

* Proper management of m.e.o. would help us financially. Those people
who *are* using their account for skills growth, but *aren't* giving
back to the community would be required to start participating *or*
contribute monetary support. We could really use the money, if
nothing else.


So, now that I've thrown all that out there, anyone have any ideas
about how we should prioritize these issues for solving?


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