NFP stuff (was RE: [Theforum] stuff)

Joel Canfield joel at
Sat Jun 1 10:44:12 CDT 2002

> I've been doing a lot of footwork regarding
> financial stuff, and it occurred to me that it would be
> *really* useful to have any/all of the documentation you put
> together when you pursued the NFP status, no matter
> how incomplete.

And if it's useful, I'll put you in touch with our (Magis') corporate
counsel who was going to help point us to some folks who'd possibly do the
legal portion of this as a favor to him.

If you really really need to talk to me I'd recommend ccing all my addresses
'cause I'm in a state of flux right now and never know which I'll be close
to next:

joel at
j at
Joel.canfield at


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