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Marlene Bruce marlene at
Sun Jun 2 16:31:02 CDT 2002

At 8:44 AM -0700 6/1/02, Joel Canfield wrote:
>And if it's useful, I'll put you in touch with our (Magis') corporate
>counsel who was going to help point us to some folks who'd possibly do the
>legal portion of this as a favor to him.

Really?! How could I (we?) possibly say anything but, "Yes!" Having
someone to talk with about this would be a great help.

I think we should definitely explore this idea. But what to discuss?
Does anyone have any ideas or topics for us to raise, or questions we
should ask in such a consultation?

BTW, I'd be game to speak with the legal folks (I'd find it very
interesting). If anyone else wants to, please say so. I don't think
we'd want to have the discussion on this list; better to gather our
ideas/questions, prepare them, and have a couple or so people
participate in the actual communication. If anyone has experience
dealing with this stuff (Martin comes to mind, but please speak up,
anyone) plus the time to commit to the task, they might be the ideal
contact or two on our end.

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>If you really really need to talk to me I'd recommend ccing all my addresses



Achy literally from neck to ankle from yesterday's race. At least we
didn't come in DFL.

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