[Theforum] amazon (was: half the battle - finance time)

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Mon Jul 15 16:04:13 CDT 2002

>I've tried setting up a new account. The problem is I can't use our
>P.O. Box 'cause that categorizes us as being a US resident or
>business, and then the form requires a tax ID number which of course
>we don't have. We're going to set up our bank account in the UK, but
>need to be able to receive the checks somewhere.

Update: Martin, who is a Finance Group member, has set up an Amazon
account for us in the UK, so this is all taken care of.

In order to add a link to our site for any given book, we have to use
Amazon's "Build a Link" generator. It is accessible after logging
into the Amazon Associates site. Unfortunately there's no other way I
can see to create a qualifying link, so only people with access to
the password can generate links. I'm not sure who else should get the
password (it can be used to change the address for checks, so I'm not
sharing it willy-nilly).

For example, I built a link for "Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself"

It can be added to Adrian's article now.


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