[Theforum] my missing content

Daniel J. Cody djc at f2o.org
Fri Jul 19 14:32:03 CDT 2002

I just read the content list archives to try to figure out what is going
on, and yes, i see the other articles denied in there. My question is
why wasn't I notified of the other 99 articles that got denied?(If I
didn't look into it, I wouldn't have even realized that the other 99
were not there.) Wheres my chance to edit them? Did 99 of my articles
really have a bad link? If they're denied, shouldn't they show up on my
user page when I'm logged in?

Nice to get a response from someone, thanks.

Marlene Bruce wrote:
> I had an article denied today, because the link which was the main
> focus was broken. After looking at the Content archives, it seems
> their having some problems with article "clean up". I seriously doubt
> your articles have been deleted outright (as I doubt with mine).
> They've probably been erroneously set to "denied" status which means
> their status can be changed back.
> But perhaps someone on Content can chime in?
> Either way, I seriously doubt it's personal against you, since it's
> happened to several people (including me and Adrian).
> Thanks,
> Marlene
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