[Theforum] Affiliate Hosting Site Review #1

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Wed Sep 4 21:51:00 CDT 2002

We are ready for the first review of a site built for an Affiliate
Hosting Program for evolt.org.  We are asking the admin groups first for
a review of the site, content, pricing, concept, etc. because this site
has been built to provide revenue to evolt.org for operations expenses
and growth of evolt.org

The site is not pretty yet because we felt it was more important to get
the functionality working and stable to begin generating revenue as soon
as possible (and because i am not a designer).  And also because we
thought the users of the site should have a say in what they work with.
 You will find information on the site about a design contest to select
the final look, navigation and functionality of the site.  We will
continue to improve the site based on user requests and hosting support

The site has valid Security Certs in place and working so any sensitive
information entered is protected via SSL.  The final version will
include realtime credit card validation and transactions via
AuthorizeNet, which is in test mode at this time so no charges actually
take place if someone uses a valid card.  Mastercard test number is
5424000000000015 for getting through the order confirmation to the site
creation section.

During the review process, the automatic site creation is turned off so
we don't have to do a lot of cleanup after the review.  The
functionality as seen by users should be fine, just no server accounts
and directories created so you will not be able to connect, login and
upload anything to the servers during the review process.

We will leave the site in review mode until Friday, Sept. 6, 2:00 pm
EDT.  After that we will begin implementing changes and fixes from the
review.  Once those are complete, we will then open the site for a
second review of 1 day and then implement changes and fixes again.

We will clear the orders and users database tables after the review
process is completed so we do not have test data when we go live.

We would then like to have 10 members that plan on hosting in the
affiliate program volunteer for a controlled live test.  Live tests will
charge credit cards for the hosting services (we can of course credit
those charges if needed) and create Linux server site accounts and
directories in realtime.  Win 2K sites are not automated yet, but we can
accept the orders and set them up manually.  We would like to have a
mixture of Linux and Win 2K sites during the live tests.  Sites would be
uploaded to the servers and tests done to insure all is well.  The live
test will also have access to the web based control panels on the Linux

During the review/fix process, please keep all responses in this
thread/subject so we don't lose anything.

Go to http://ez-profits.com

Thank you,
Ron D.

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