[Theforum] Affiliate Hosting Site Review #1

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Mon Sep 9 09:10:25 CDT 2002

Elfur Logadottir wrote:

> * it has to be elegantly designed.
> elegant design is the essential way to create any kind of interest in
> participation.
> the evolt.org special look/feel is an idea that is worth considering.
> * it has to be the farthest it can be to looking and/or feeling like a
> spam.
> and i must admit ez-profits.com is an url and a concept that screams spam
> to me.

i think the way the things are written there is very important, the copy
currently on the page is very marketese, and holds no resemblance to the
spirit of evolt.org

regarding the design part, i was completely confused, i thought the
contest being discussed referred to the evolt.org redeseign. a design
contest for 'ez-profits' does make sense. but i also belive the solution
of leaving the work in the hands of our members who are willing to
donate the prize money to the community is a very nice solution. count
me in for help (within my ever shrinking time)

those are my cents for the momment


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