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Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Wed Sep 11 09:26:23 CDT 2002

At 12:00 AM 9/11/2002, Joel Canfield wrote:
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> > i've been talking with a business associate who's a partner
> > (not reseller) with interland.
>How closely related to Interland does that make him? Next to the criminals
>who sold us my wife's van, I've never dealt with a more unprofessional,
>frustrating group of people than Interland. I've struggled through five
>years of having clients hosted there, and it's the ugliest thing I have to
>deal with, period.
>If we're getting into anything that even remotely smacks of Interland's
>style of business, this is a -1

I am inclined to agree.  I am not a fan of Interland.

Will their support improve because we are dealing with someone higher
up?  I have no reason to say that it wouldn't, but every time I have dealt
with them in the past, it has been frustrating, if not downright
infuriating, with their poor support and technical know-how.

That, and they gave ColdFusion users the shaft when they tripled the
monthly price on us with little warning.  So, no, I don't particularly care
for their business practices either.

So, that's my take: I wouldn't want to inflict that on others, even to
support a cause I like. -1


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