[Theforum] Affiliate Hosting Program Fund Raising

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Mon Oct 21 21:07:51 CDT 2002

John Handelaar wrote:

>% Check it out at ez-profits.com
>% <http://ez-profits.com> "
>Sorry to be obtuse, but it's come up before - is
>there *any* chance of that URL getting changed to
>something less
>a) appallingly spam-like-sounding and/or
>b) completely unintelligible to people outside
>   North America?
>I have a feeling that the ambivalence about the
>scheme is mostly related to that godawful name,
>is all
>Best wishes as usual :-)
Hi John, and all

I understand, and agree.  However, the security certificate was
researched and approved at the current domain name.  To change it would
cost more money, a little less than 200 USD, but none the less a cost.
 The supporter of this program didn't realize at the time of submission
the importance of domain names and perceptions of web professionals  Due
to the posts of evolt.org members the supporter has learned a lot and
changed the face of the site but cannot change the secured domain until
the current certificate has expired without more expense.

I ask understanding and support until time to renew the security cert or
until we can get the cert for newinc.net.  I think our members are
intelegent enough to see and understand what this is about.

I am rather set back that we are being a little retentive based on a URL
when we all know how to check validity and secuity.  Even more so since
evolt.org is not proposing any endorsement of the service, only that it
can generate funds for evolt.org operations expenses.

Ron D.

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