[Theforum] announcement to send (was: Affiliate Hosting Program Fund Raising)

David U. davidu at everydns.net
Wed Oct 23 22:45:34 CDT 2002

Ron Dorman wrote:

[snipped a lot]

>> I think you and rest of TheForum can see my point.  By supporting
>> this evolt is saying "WE TRUST THEM" even if it does not literally
>> say that. So all I am trying to make sure or get people thinking
>> about is, do we really want to endorse this group? Do we know them,
>> do we trust them, etc, etc...
> I understand that and agree.  Do my previous explainations resolve the
> question?

Yes they do and I feel much better.

The fact that you have a direct relationship to networth, both in business
and in family is quite nice to know.

Isaac pointed out that perhaps a link to your post on a FAQ page or
something would be nice and I agree 100%.  It answered my main concerns and
clarified how evolt made the connection to networth.

I certainly didn't bring this up to create any sort of roadblock, simply to
make sure things were discussed and to bring up potential issues from my
etic perspective.  I appreciate you clarifying things as it does present
them in a different light especially with regard to your previous
commitments to evolt.

I still believe that this is not the best way for evolt to support itself
but it is setup and ready right now and people have spent time on it; far be
it from me to sit back and disparage it from my idle position.
Additionally, if we had to pick a host, I think it's good that we picked one
we have a connection and history with.

David Ulevitch

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