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Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Fri Oct 25 15:16:19 CDT 2002

Marlene Bruce wrote:

> How does this edit sound?

nice work Marlene.  a couple of small details, see in-line below.

Ron D.

> ----------
> For many years, NetWorth Enterprises, Inc. has provided consulting
> and custom software to the mortgage banking industry, mostly for the
> top 10 mortgage companies. NetWorth enjoys a very good reputation in
> that industry, and began moving into Internet services 2-3 years ago.
> Ron Dorman--a founding member of evolt.org--is the brother of
> NetWorth's founder. NetWorth is a re-seller for Ron's company,
> Computer Solutions & Insights, Inc. (CSI). CSI initially and
> currently hosts and services evolt.org's mailing lists and now all of
> our sites. The sites and listservs are running from the same data
> center where the affiliate hosting is provided.
> CSI will be managing, supporting and servicing any hosting resulting
> from NetWorth's affiliate program (through their domain,
> ez-profits.com). Ron will be very involved in providing excellent
> service.
> When affiliate hosting programs were mentioned during evolt.org's
> fund-raising discussions, Ron explained the idea and evolt.org's
> mission to his brother Randy at NetWorth. Impressed by evolt.org,
> NetWorth offered to provide the affiliate program, build the site to
> support on-line sign-ups and get things in place to provide funding
> for evolt.org.
> NetWorth is providing the affiliate program under the domain
> "ez-profits.com," but will eventually change the name (it will take a
> little time to get the security certificates reassigned to a
> different domain).
> If you're interested in the affiliate hosting program, which benefits
> evolt.org, NetWorth and CSI have built servers for Linux hosting with:
> * CPanel web based site management software to allow each site secure
> management capability for name based and/or IP based hosting
> * email accounts

*email account management, forwarding, filtering, lists, and spamassassin

> * stats (3 packages available, capable of adding more on customer
> request)
> * sub-domain and parked domain support
> * web based file manager
> * web based management of file and directory access privileges
> * raw access log download
> * mysql database support with phpmyadmin
> * domain cron job set up and maintenance
> * 3 shopping carts

*3 shopping carts (Interchange and Agora - control panel install,
phpShop - support staff install)

> * frontpage 5 extensions
> * and several other site support features.
> They do not have any web based site management on Windows servers
> yet, but can host on Win 2000 servers.
> For more information, please visit ez-profits.com.
> ---
> evolt.org wiki: http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/
> -
> How can you help?
> http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/FactFindingMission

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