[theforum] Design concept

Isaac Forman isaac at bigtrip.org
Fri Aug 8 21:34:35 CDT 2003

Some of you will recognise an older evolters.org design here, but please pay
attention to the header (red bar and upwards):


I will adapt the style to the region below the red bar in a second.


 - the international community spot at top right can be replaced with
support/donate promo. a gold box that people can place tips into?

 - the login block, floating on the background colour, changes to a logged
in user, prefs (and all that kinda stuff) bar.

 - the black bar up top and login region are standard across the evolt.org
network. the red bar changes colour according to the section (should be
green for evolters.org, blue for the work end of town), etc.

 - while the work, test, play thing is catchy, i'm not sure about giving the
browser archive a box of its own, and lumping lists, tips, deo, articles,
news all under Work.

Let me know what you think.


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