[theforum] text ads (was: Donation Wall - last chance to comment)

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Mon Aug 18 11:14:16 CDT 2003


I've used similar systems that also let you put a priority on a given
advertiser's ads.

So you'd have
1) evolter ads (or rather, ads submitted via evolters, so if John Dowdell
were an evolter and MM ads came via him, they'd be here)
2) registered evolt member ads
3) john q public/company ads
4) ads for evolt.org services "Become an evolter! Write an article! xxxx!
Profit..... errrr something"


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> Suggestion: If there's competition for space (like 2 offers
> for a given
> space/week), and we have to choose which one to run, the one coming
> through an evolter comes first.


(When I say "it works like..." I mean all the ones I'm familair with as
a user or installer work this way.)

In my experience it works like a banner ad rotator, so there is no
competition. I buy 10,000 impressions. You buy 10,000 impressions.
Either your ad or my ad is randomly thrown into the single ad spot until
both of our 10,000 impressions are expended. After 10,000 impressions,
our ads clear themselves from the rotation.

As the ad owner, I can log in and pay for another run, and also edit my
ad during a run. Edits go back to the approval queue. I can also see my
impressions served to date and my click-thru rate.

If the 20,000 or whatever number of impressions are all served up, the
system defaults to base ads instead of subscriber ads. Those would
likely be evolt's own ads.

I think I've used 4 different systems and they've all worked exactly
like that. Ergo, I assumed evolt's would be the same. Seems a good,
low-admin system to me.

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