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Hi Ron

Yes, that works. And to a certain extent, that's what we do with the
authors cubes (and they're a nice log scale too, so the 1st few levels are

The other model I had in mind was that of an extremely successful legacy
fundraising campaign I was involved in. We had a 'tree of remembrance'
(flat wooden thing on the wall) in the board room, and every legacy
received got a (metal, named inscribed) leaf on the tree, all the same.
This was in addition to the tiered recognition for larger amounts (istr
that we named/put plaques on furniture, rooms and buildings, depending on
the size of the legacy). We were up to a small copse of trees last I heard.


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Jeff Howden noted:

>>*if* we show amounts, i'd be concerned that while we may gain recurring
>>donations from some of the bigger supporters, we're likely to alienate
>>not only those who have considered donating smaller amounts but also
>>those who are current, small amount donors that would have considered
>>donating a small amount again.

Hi Jeff,

So use "brackets": e.g.

'Diamond level' -- $1,000+ / year
'Ruby level' ---   $500 - $1,000 / year
'Sapphire' -----   $250 - $500 / year
'Emerald level' -- $50 - $250 / year

{End points for illustrative purposes only -- someone would have to look
over the data to see what might be 'meaningful' break points.}

These prevent the "Nya, nya ... I gave $51 ... you only gave $50" balogna.
Within a level - everyone is the same.

Set it up like the airline frequent flyer cards ... this year's
"gold" is for folks who gave $x+ last year ... (for some well defined
fiscal or calendar year period).

... email notices, congrats, new services, an evolt hat, (something) when
people pass a boundary level ... perhaps notices prior to the end of the
year on 'last chance to move up' ... etc.

People are vain.  Let's give them an opportunity to be vain.

(Has anyone else here read through those handouts you get at the theatre?
Every single performance for the entire season makes it abundantly clear
that (examples kinda made up) Duke Energy gave somewhere between $50,000
and $250,000, Continental Airlines gave $500,000+, etc.

Those folks get *much* bigger print and a good deal more space in the
than "Dr. & Mrs. Jones" who gave somewhere between $1,000 and $2,500.

We can do the same ... and honor/recognize EVERY donor.)

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