[theforum] Donation Wall - last chance to comment

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Aug 20 19:20:36 CDT 2003

The trolling aside ...

Russell Griechen wrote:
 > [snip]
 > Seb, I would like to see a verified list of your contributions.

Why?  Where's *your* verified list of contributions?  I've given I don't 
know how much time, money, code and effort to evolt.org.  So have many 
others, a lot of whom have given a damn sight more than me.  So what?  This 
isn't democracy by wealth, this is community majeure.

> [snip]
> We could us Google's AdSense program...just past a snippet of code at the
> place on each page that you want the ad to appear....probably in the right
> side and maybe on the left below the menu on each and every page.
> Google will do a good job of matching the ad to the content of the page.
> Several hundred vetoes are available for blocking certain web sites.

Read http://jrobb.mindplex.org/2003/08/14.html#a3525 to find out why 
adsense isn't the holy grail of advertising.

And if Google goes down/under/resold/whatever, we have no ads.

> Start setting up co-loco servers and offer lean and mean web hosting with
> forum support.


> 5 mb to 5gig web sites with unlimited everything with controls on mb and
> bandwidth...you pay for what you get and if it is exceeded nothing works
> until you upgrade...and pay for.

If you have controls, it's not unlimited, isn't it?

> Go with clickbank 


 > or set up your own affiliate program and run all the ads
> your self on a rotating basis.
> I guarantee that if you set up a good affiliate program


 > and accept non-porn
> ads that there is an income in software and internet services alone that
> will produce more that enough to right the course of this faulty business
> model...yes business model...is that a dirty word.
> If business is a dirty word then all you web designers can just start giving
> away their services... it makes just as much sense.

Who said we were here to generate cash cows?  We're here to sustain a 
community.  Here's the pulse.  Here's you, far from the pulse.

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