[theforum] Donation Wall - last chance to comment

Isaac Forman isaac at bigtrip.org
Wed Aug 20 19:27:53 CDT 2003

I really don't think any response calling Russell's post 'flamebait' or
a 'troll' was entirely fair. I actually found it quite insightful.

evolt.org is endlessly in a bit of a loop/rut because there are two ways
of looking at evolving an international community. One involves people
taking charge and just Getting Shit Done, while some people disagree.
The other involves making sure that everyone (or at least the majority)
agree on what should be done, but progress is limited or substantially
stalled. The individuals discussing/moving evolt.org have floated
between either camp.

We can stall over the united bank account forever, or we can just put it
in one person's lap, and leave them responsible for any tax burden. It's
not ideal, but that gets it done NOW.

Now, I disagree that the hierarchy is "cloaked in secrecy", but
obviously there is power vested in those who have made their name known
in evolt.org history through endless posts/participation/coding.

If we can style Google's adSense, then I'm all for considering it. If
not, I've seen it looking pretty ugly on a few sites and I'd have
reservations. We could, very easily, run it as a trial on the Browser
Archive, or thelist archives.

That said, Russell, I'm not sure which archives of Dan's you are
referring to. Adrian is mostly responsible for the Browser Archive. Dan
was responsible for the archive of the MJ list that lead to the creation
of the group that spawned evolt.org. Then, the issue was nothing to do
with bandwidth, but to do with Wired wanting to retain control over
which features were provided, and how.


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