Ignorance was: [theforum] Donation Wall - last chance to comment

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As you know, Dan withdrew the hosting of evolt.org, although it was never
clear how much was paid for by him and how much by his employers.

Ron withdrew his hosting at *extremely* short notice (nb not through any
fault of his). We also paid a number of invoices to cs1st iirc, and he
still has possession of evolt's boxes.

Really, Russell - you are making some interesting points, but when we've
got to fight through to them via flamebait, basic errors of fact and very,
very unclear paragraphs, you can't blame people for missing them.

btw, wasn't it you who broke the evolt servers one holiday weekend?


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Madhu wrote>
> >And look at the trail of badly used benefactors...Dan and Dorman comes
> >mind.
> Er, our hosting costs are now manageable. Your point?
> The rest of your post seemed like a troll, so no response for it.

Yes, They seem to be manageable...but at what cost?
A string of used benefactors.  What about their costs...and cast
aside..unpaid?...tell me that is not true.

The free model will not ever work.
It didn't work for webmonkey or Dan and it won't work.
And the little smattering of advertising will not produce over the long

A paid membership will work...but a smattering of entry generosity ...but
access any of the bandwidth consuming servers should be met with the user
A paid membership will result in the smallest group of hard-core supporters
and will probably consist of the names you see on the forum and
thelist...and not all of them.
Lurkers will not join.
The internet is based on freedom...but not freedom to consume resources
are not yours.
Put all that info, archives, services there but provide the marketplace a
place to function and the rewards are a true free internet...supported by
the free enterprise system.
Free trade works the world over.

Russell Griechen /stepping off the soapbox.

evolt.org wiki: http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/
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