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Russell Griechen russgri at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 21 17:51:03 CDT 2003

Martin wrote>
> As you know, Dan withdrew the hosting of evolt.org, although it was never
> clear how much was paid for by him and how much by his employers.
> Ron withdrew his hosting at *extremely* short notice (nb not through any
> fault of his). We also paid a number of invoices to cs1st iirc, and he
> still has possession of evolt's boxes.
The webmonkey experience was typical of the turf wars.
But looking at it from a historical and 'lessons learned' point of
view...Dan was the innovator...try this...try that.  There was certainly an
educating experience.
So, he tried something else.
It was still a faulty model...because he held title, because he did not want
to lose again.
He was just confounded by success...and he had no plan to deal with success.
Success cost him a bandwidth bill that he was not prepared for...and there
was insufficient help from evolt's members.
Now here is chaos...insufficient funding by  members...and members not
willing to contribute to something that that belonged to a privately held

The futility of the situation is understandable. To Dan's credit he did the
right thing to cede the title and if he still has boxes that belong to
Evolt, It is because that he hasn't been even partially repaid for the
enormous bandwidth costs he incurred.
Lurking in the background...I often wondered if anyone even went to get

But I do know that there was a lot of acrimony in the posts even after he
had ceded title and consequently his innovative spirit is lost.

The above is to put in some of my previous posts in context...and I would be
just as happy if I receive no posts or follow-up on this portion.
It is one thing to lose an innovative spirit of a member but it is almost
intolerable to lose all innovative spirit...it seems like Evolt has the
pervading experience of ...
'don't rock the boat.' ...and that is good up to a point.

Seems to me it would be wise to assign a mandate to 2 or 3 with
Try this...say Adsense for 3 or 4 months and see where it leads us.
of course it assumes that you have 30 or 40 pages of content with
appropriate relevant content with keyword and an Intro phrase.

One good thing is that Google would send their robots posthaste to index
those pages...so we could assign something like a tip category

Or we could try the Membership alone or with whatever ad sequence.

The only alternative is to keep trimming our sails..
For me:
I say...join the free enterprise model and put even more content and
We could embrace 4 or 5 affiliate programs and still not be beyond the pale.

> Really, Russell - you are making some interesting points, but when we've
> got to fight through to them via flamebait, basic errors of fact and very,
> very unclear paragraphs, you can't blame people for missing them.

I accept that criticism in a constructive manner...But keep in mind that
even though that the original mutations of Evolt were flawed...we still have
a flawed model and sometimes a off-the-wall rant can at least get us to
thinking in a constructive and innovative manner.

> btw, wasn't it you who broke the evolt servers one holiday weekend?

Now there you go again...I can assure you that my coding skills would not be
up to the attacks on Evolt's server ...but it does point up the fact that
there is a dark side to your thinking also.
...so you should not cast any stones at my glass house when your's is
vulnerable. (;-:)

> Cheers
> Martin

Russell Griechen

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