hogwash!: [theforum] Donation Wall - last chance to comment

Lachlan Cannon lach at illuminosity.net
Sat Aug 23 09:42:39 CDT 2003

William Anderson wrote:
> I'm still of the opinion that evolt.org has not, does not and will not 
> exist to create a cash cow for people to profit from.  We've discussing 
> seeking official non-profit status for evolt.org in the past, and I 
> think there's merit in revisiting that at some point in the future.

That said, *if* and it's a big if I know, evolt had enough money in the 
future, it'd be nice if it was able to pay some of the big contributors 
(eg, Dean) back for the amount of work they put in, whether it be 
monetarily or just something like an Amazon $200 gift certificate as a 
way of saying thanks.

Which of course doesn't really impact too much on what you're saying, 
except that I don't think little things like that would change 
non-profit status, and it'd be nice if evolt had some spare cash around.

Other than that, I totally agree with what you said.

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