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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sat Aug 23 10:52:32 CDT 2003

Lachlan Cannon wrote:
> William Anderson wrote:
>> I'm still of the opinion that evolt.org has not, does not and will not 
>> exist to create a cash cow for people to profit from.  We've 
>> discussing seeking official non-profit status for evolt.org in the 
>> past, and I think there's merit in revisiting that at some point in 
>> the future.
> That said, *if* and it's a big if I know, evolt had enough money in the 
> future, it'd be nice if it was able to pay some of the big contributors 
> (eg, Dean) back for the amount of work they put in, whether it be 
> monetarily or just something like an Amazon $200 gift certificate as a 
> way of saying thanks.

That's rewarding valourous contributions above and beyond, not profiting, 
so if that situation comes about, fantastico.

> Which of course doesn't really impact too much on what you're saying, 
> except that I don't think little things like that would change 
> non-profit status, and it'd be nice if evolt had some spare cash around.

I think having spare cash would hopefully be a non sequitur for any 
financial plans, as contingencies always come around that can only really 
be solved by throwing cash at it.

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