[theforum] BEO ads

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Wed May 5 09:56:22 CDT 2004

All fine with the minor enhancement of submitting http://evolt.org (which
resolves to weo), but would more clearly encompass all subdomains.


David wrote

so i i will apply for a google AdSense account, but i won't use
http://browsers.evolt.org as the "site" on the application.  i'll submit
application for all of www.evolt.org -- this way they'll see the original
"high content threshold" weo articles, and approve us without question.
we're then free to place the adsense ads on any parts of the evolt we deem
appropriate.  their published policies state this explicitly -- we don't
*have* to put their ads on the home page -- though at some point we might
decide to, and in this way, we'll be free to do that, too.


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