[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri May 21 23:35:11 CDT 2004

.:| William Anderson wrote:
.:| > ... as do the rest of us - please stop trying to make us 
.:| look like we 
.:| > haven't thought about all this - *we have*, it's just not 
.:| happened yet.  
.:| > As I keep saying, stop griping and start doing :)
.:| There isn't anything *to* do though.
.:| Paul

I must say, I love your enthusiasm Paul.
(and I agree with you on the student part ;)

There are a lot of things that could be done better and as other have
mentioned before me, we are aware of it and trying to tackle it.

However, there is a difference of opinion in which direction to take certain
aspects of evolt.org (namely weo) but the move of (what I think is) the
majority would piss of an important person of our past and the discussion
stops there everytime.

There have been suggestions of redesign, and either it will be done in a
different environment than what we have now (and thus without Jeff) or it
will have to wait until Jeff has the time (and that's what we've been doing
for quite some time now, not bashing you Jeff)

We've all wanted to avoid yet another argument and that has lead to status
quo for the longest time.

As for the number of lists, the suggestion you offered is how we had it in
the beginning, thelist, thechat and admin. That roused the elitism and ivory
tower discussions the first time around and so we opened it up a lot,
splitting the day to day administration part of admin (now content) from the
big plan aspect of admin (now theforum). What happened then was the comments
of the marketing and financial  specialists about their message drowning in
all sorts of designing and planning threads ... Leading to too much email
volume with difficult of filtering. That lead to the even further splitting
of theforum into several working groups, subsections of theforum for only
those interested in certain parts of the organization.

And then the discussion srunk and we're combining some of these lists again,
but as far as content goes, for a couple of reasons mentioned earler, it
should be on it's own, marketing will be merged into that one, because it's
pretty close to content's responsibilities. Steering will be removed again
(steering was a way to let the working groups interact and an attempt to
shorten the decision time, as you mentioned needed to be done, in one of
your posts) and finance will be merged into theforum again. So we will be
back with fewer lists, after the next move (that will be done this summer).

Hopefully I've explained to you why certain things are as they are, but
hopefully your enthusiasm (and a couple of others around atm as well) will
get us going again ... Leading to the discussion we've been avoiding for a
while and a decision that means finalizing the redesign we've been intending
to do for a while.

Let's finish that redesign before the year is over.
Let's discuss the CMS choice and decide which one to use for the next
Let's move weo to the same hosting place as the other parts of evolt.org -
whatever we decide to use as our CMS.

Peace out

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