[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

Paul Waring paul at rixort.com
Sun May 23 04:25:18 CDT 2004

Joel D Canfield wrote:
> Why the constant extreme and antagonistic language, Paul? The *only*
> point Elfur was making in that comment is that .jeff has made a *huge*
> contribution to evolt.org, and the rest of us who've also contributed
> don't care to arbitrarily abandon his ability to support at the level he
> always has.

Elfur mentioned jeff in almost all of his/her answers, to me it sounded 
like the reason we weren't doing much on a redesign was a fear of 
upsetting jeff. I wasn't saying that you should abadon anyone's ability, 
but if someone isn't around to help because they're busy (which, as I 
said, I fully appreciate) we shouldn't be waiting around and holding 
everything back for a time when they're free.

> That doesn't mean "it's all about jeff", and asking the question in that
> sarcastic manner isn't helpful.

> If you want to contribute, stop being obtuse and obstructive and rude.

I wasn't *being* rude, I was asking a question!

> You're the new guy, remember? The rest of us in this discussion probably
> have a combined total of 25 years of experience working on/for/with
> evolt. Maybe you could learn something from what we have to say, instead
> of assuming so frequently that one of us is ingnorant or incompetent as
> you did with Elfur's comment above.

Where on earth did you get the idea that I assumed elfur was 


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