CMS Specification ---was Re: [theforum] RFV: ServerMatrix Hosting for l.e.o

John Handelaar john at
Fri Jun 4 09:39:32 CDT 2004

On Friday 04 June 2004 14:11, Tara Cleveland wrote:
> Jeff wrote:
> >If the past is any indicator, we'll be there more than a
> >year before anything is done with weo.
> What needs to get done to finish the redesign? Has anyone
> done up a *detailed* step-by-step list of what needs to
> happen?

Tara to the rescue once again.

There's very little chance of anything happening unless and 
until people who may be able to code are also able to find 
out what the hell the current one *does*.  Not being on 
Content, I've never seen the thing in admin mode.  

Can someone please volunteer to provide a description of 


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