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Sun Jun 6 05:51:34 CDT 2004

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On 6 Jun 2004, at 09:09, David Kaufman wrote:

> Jeff Howden <jeff at> wrote:
>> For example, I've submitted several invoices for hosting with the
> mention
>> that I can no longer afford to foot the entire $100/month that WEO
> costs and
>> could use some assistance with that expense.  I've mentioned this need
> for
>> assistance with the expense of weo for the past 6+ months and haven't
>> received an acknowledgement that the invoices are being received, let
> alone
>> even being read.
> ok, well this is certainly news to me!  having been the treasurer for
> about 10 months, i would have liked to have known about your invoices.

Invoices have been sent to Marlene (iirc), but marked "paid by J 
Howden" or similar. I hadn't been told of any need for assistance.

>> I think before we rush off and create any unnecessarily large bills
> for
>> leo/deo/beo we take a look at some of our current costs and see what
> we can
>> do about meeting them to one degree or another where needed.
> Jeff, if this the case, then I must sincerely apologize.  i was under
> the impression that *all* of evolt's current hosting services were 
> being
> donated.

Indeed this is the case. But in weo's case, rather than a simple 
"Here's hosting that we're donating to you", it's a "here's paid-for 
hosting, which I will pay the invoices for"

It's a bit of a semantic difference, but a difference all the same.

Jeff - how much are you able to continue to donate?

> if you're unable or even just unwilling to continue to donate
> hosting services for w.e.o, then IMO moving w.e.o. hosting costs off of
> your back immediately becomes the first order of business.

I would think so. It might end up such that we'll pay for weo until 
such time as we can move it onto the servermatrix infrastructure (ie 
redevelop weo into something we can support on an OSS platform)

And wouldn't *that* be a spur to get on and *do* the redesign...


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