[theforum] google AdSense makes dollars (as well as sense)

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Wed Jun 16 07:16:28 CDT 2004

stef wrote on 15/06/2004 22:22:07:

> I belong to pompage.net, a french non-profit whose job is to translate
> english-speaking articles. Of course it's like evolt.org all-volunteer.
> The other day we thought we'd translate one nice article from Sitepoint.
> We contacted them for a preliminary authorisation, like for any other
> article we've translated.
> They told us that the cost of getting the right to translate one article
> was $100.

> Now, I'm not criticising the notion of paying for copyrighted material.
> I've been an author, and have fought a publishing house to have my
> rights recognised. I'm just mentioning that I feel weird somewhere
> inside when I hear this kind of reaction when we were only promoting
> their high-quality content.
> I don't know how they slipped from open and free community to paying
> content provider.

Who owns the rights for Sitepoint material? In our case, it's very clearly
and deliberately the author, not evolt.org. Any reprint requests we get, we
can only (and should only) redirect to the author, unless we had explicit
permission to negotiate and accept payment on their behalf. Which we don't.


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