[theforum] weo 2b: And now for something completely different?

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Tue Nov 9 16:16:24 CST 2004

Tara wrote on 08/11/2004 18:42:15:

> On 7-Nov-04, at 5:40 PM, Martin Burns wrote:
> > We need to have a clear view on whether
> I'm not sure clear is possible at this stage... it kind of depends on
> other factors. I'll do my best though to give you my clear opinion ;-)
> > a) We produce a site that is fundamentally the same as the existing
> > one: articles submitted to a workflow process and reviewed to receive
> > the official evolt.org stamp of approval (or not) and published with
> > almost an authorial voice of the organisation or
> >
> > b) We produce a site that is *different* - that takes a different
> > publishing model for the community.
> I'd say that we *try* to make the site essentially the same as it was
> before after migration and after using a new CMS. Of course, this is
> all assuming that it's not impossible or very painful to recreate the
> functionality of the existing site on the new site.
> I'd agree with David K. that if we start talking about a new model or
> new functionality or something drastically different, it'll be at
> *least* another 6 months before the move happens. I think we should
> hold off on any major changes  in functionality until after a move.

OK, I'll buy that. As long as our packaged CMS is enough of a framework (as
opposed to a real point solution of a package) to enable that, then it's
all goodness.

Any CMS with modules/products/plugins (delete terminology as appropriate)
should be able to handle it.

One thing though: are we going to do the new design that we agreed ooh, 18
months ago? Note that the pre-work of cutting the Photoshop into HTML has
been done, and whichever way we go, we need to wire $presentation_layer
into CMS.

John's mentioned that he's already bored with the new design (although I
have to add: not as bored as I am with the old one!), but it's a step
forward, and at least brings us into the 21st century and an all CSS build.


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