[theforum] Motoring on: drupalising weo

Martin Burns yumyum at easyweb.co.uk
Mon Nov 22 10:42:13 CST 2004

Right, now we've agreed nearly unanimously what we're going to do, let's
get to it!

Right now, I can see 5 basic tasks:

1) Implement functionality
   a) Agree & prioritise requirements
   b) Compare to the grid John produced
   c) Code the gaps

2) Implement presentation layer
   a) Agree on core design (new or existing weo?)
   b) Design each page type in detail
   c) HTMLise
   d) Drupalise

3) Migrate data
   a) Get data dump for development and testing (we have that by now, yes?)
   b) Import data into drupal
   c) Get final data dump at cutover
   d) Import final data

4) Test site

5) Notify members
   a) Notify of intention/call for help
   b) Nofify just before cutover, including that new content added between
      final dump and cutover will not be migrated

Did I miss anything?

Oh, sorry:
6) Party

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