[theforum] Rebuild progress and this week's actions

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Wed Dec 1 11:51:28 CST 2004

Garrett wrote on 01/12/2004 16:41:46::

>> of course, but right now we seem to be depending mostly on martin.

> There are actually quite a few people involved, but I can see how it may
> not appear that way.

> Martin's lucky in that he's herding the cats, so he's more visible than
> the rest of us.

Actually, I'm doing less than pretty much everyone else - just writing it
up and doing "where are with x?" type chasing. That's why I can't answer
specific questions on "How will we be doing y?" except to say that I'm
asking (or should be!) the same ones.

Morgan wrote on 01/12/2004 15:15:14:

> i was simply giving the rest of the community a chance to chime in,
> in case anyone else has been playing with a PoC.

Well Seb was some months back - in Plone, though. But as the Plone
presentation layer is built with TAL which Drupal can use, there may be
some opportunity for taking the best of both worlds.

> > However, we *can* discuss (and there has been discussion on #evolt) the
> > next level of detail: whether we just modify the PoC, take bits of it,
> > start from fresh. Bring it on.
> >
> #evolt is not a satisfactory forum for developers scattered across
> different timezones (imho).

William and Garrett have already answered this, and the (UK timestamped)
stats at
http://neuro.me.uk/ircstats/evolt.html show that there are people available
and talking much of the time - certainly well into the US West Coast
working day.
Actually, William appears to be talking there 24x7, but that's another
story :-)

Ideally, we'd all be on the same site, but as that's not possible, the real
time conversation in IRC helps a *lot* without waiting for the email cycle.

> if new evolt is not better or comparable to the old by the proposed
> launch, we as a community should not launch it.
> therefore, i think 3 key requirements missing are:

Ah, non-functionals. Smur^w^w^w^wGrand. Not addressed as yet, but this is a
good place to start them.

> 1. SPEED -- i don't know where or how userfrenzy is hosted
> (it could be at john's house which would explain), but the PoC is SLOW.

'bout the same from here via dialup, but that may be faster rendering time
from the xHTML/CSS layout -v- a slower server response.

But yes, a given. Some targets for this might be good. Suggestions?

> 2. URL structure. the current system has a bizarre yet useful page
> system.

Yep, again: given. Does it have to be the *same* URLs as at present? Or
will a similar schema be acceptable as long as it has the functionally
redundant bit that helps search engines? And does it matter if existing
articles have one schema, and new ones another?

> 3. quality HTML. again, i'm unqualified as an undrupalized individual to
> participate, except to say, please view the current source.

Yep, given. The HTML cutting planned to be done next week. The current one
took a small number of days with only John working on it.

Right now, can we get into the layout of each page type?


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