[theforum] Rebuild progress and this week's actions

Seb seb at poked.org
Wed Dec 1 17:36:25 CST 2004

Seb Potter wrote:

>> system. namely, the random section of the URL which can be
>> made into anything.
>> can we reproduce that with mod-rewrite? (i think Garrett is
>> addressing it). we're not going to have to add a line to htaccess for 
>> every
>> past and future article, are we? or every permutation that currently 
>> exists?
>> YUCK!
> 2. URL structure. the current system has a bizarre yet useful page 
> address
> Well, this is pretty straightforward. If the article exists and we 
> know the URL now, and we change that URL, as long as we know what the 
> old URL was, we can keep it. Full stop, no argument. This shouldn't 
> even need to be discussed. As everything is just data and code, this 
> is the really, really easy bit.
> Now, it's true that the URL scheme is going to change with a new site, 
> but that doesn't preclude us from making them usable. I'm trying to 
> find a good solution for this right at the moment, but pretty much 
> it's the case that we can have Apache do some nice URL rewriting for 
> us based on a lookup. We can do this pretty automatically and 
> reasonably easily.

Well, I've been investigating, and Drupal pretty much has this built in. 
There's a Path module that comes with Drupal as an "out of the box" 
function that allows the editor of an article to provide a short path to 
the article in the same manner as for the current evolt site. Drupal 
handles all of this internally.

Now, I'm off to rebuild the important items from my old Plone website in 
the same locations using my new Drupal site. Hurrah.

- Seb.

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