[theforum] Rebuild progress and this week's actions

Martin Burns yumyum at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Dec 2 03:17:04 CST 2004

On Thu, December 2, 2004 8:40 am, Garrett Coakley said:
> On Wednesday, December 1, 2004  @119, aardvark wrote:
>>that's a really good point... no record of IRC... although i thought
>>most IRC clients could capture the text and save it... might be handy to
>>make an archive... could make a great article/book chapter... hint...

> But day to day stuff, why would you? No decisions are ever made on
> #evolt, merely suggestions that get brought here for further discussion.

...for example, last week's high level functions list.

It's also the right place for operational things that aren't the stuff of

>>how the heck do i get on there again?
> The channel is #evolt and it's on the freenode network, but we have a DNS
> entry so make clicky on this and it should work:
> irc://irc.evolt.org/evolt

Say, isn't there a handy guide to this stuff somewhere?

Or if you can't do that for whatever reason (firewalls, clients, dns,
blah), let me know: I've got a web client. I don't want to post the URL
somewhere it's publically archived, but I'll give it out directly.



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