[theforum] Rebuild progress and this week's actions

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Dec 2 06:04:24 CST 2004

aardvark wrote:
> Morgan Kelsey wrote:
>> there's also no record of what's discussed, except for those 
>> participating.

given that #evolt is a melting pot where almost anything goes, it doesn't 
seem appropriate to treat it as a "formal" place of discussion - theforum 
does that right now.  If we decide to go the route of increasing formality 
for our chat channel(s), we can publicly log stuff then, but I personally 
don't think publicly logging #evolt right now is appropriate.

> that's a really good point... no record of IRC... although i thought 
> most IRC clients could capture the text and save it... might be handy to 
> make an archive... could make a great article/book chapter... hint...

hehe - we have a bot in there (an eggdrop, actually) which logs everything 
and makes stats.  See http://neuro.me.uk/ircstats/evolt.html

> anyway, i got mIRC reinstalled here... keep in mind my machine that had 
> it ready to rock-n-roll is sitting in pieces next to me (well, it's all 
> in the case, but only because i scooped it in with my hands)...
> how the heck do i get on there again?

use an IRC client, such as mIRC, X-Chat, BitchX, ircII, Crikey, Trillian, 
etc.  Oh, d'oh. you said you had mIRC already :)

> what server?

irc.evolt.org #evolt

some clients respond to irc://irc.evolt.org/evolt :)

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