[theforum] 2 weeks to go... Template signoff Tuesday

Martin Burns yumyum at easyweb.co.uk
Wed Jan 19 07:40:56 CST 2005

On Wed, January 19, 2005 2:47 am, aardvark said:
> On 18 Jan 2005 at 14:04, Garrett Coakley wrote:
> [...]
>> * Article, Contact and Login pages need to be finished
> what about marking up some pages using some of our most extreme
> articles?
> also, i note these are XHTML -- are we good to go with converting the
> articles over?

I would say 'yes'.

> oh, and have you got your plan for styles on <pre> blocks? overflow
> styles and all?

Note that the current style seems to break badly on Firefox.

>> * Code structure and semantics +1'd. Especially important for the people
>> doing the CSS, they need to ensure that there are enough class and id
>> hooks to reach all the elements for styling.
> not that i'm necessarily gonna write the CSS, but so far so good...
> your ids are on the most global containers, giving plenty of room to
> walk down the elements in the CSS...
> and the use of <dl> is fine by me... i've made extensive use of them
> on pages for real estate property detail listings so they have some
> semantic value and are still usable on really old machines... but the
> CSS can be tricky to keep alignments as you want them...

For lack of time (we've had it well over a week and D-Day is under 2 weeks
away) and negative comments,  I'm calling time on this. Subject to the
to-do list GC mentioned, we're going with this, in line with what's
already been done.


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