[theforum] WEO update

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Jan 31 14:43:42 CST 2005

Martin Burns suggesting having a visit at:

>>http://test.evolt.org to see the progress.

Hi Martin,

Took a quick look (on a Win box running IE5.5 in 'low' 800x600 res).

Initial page looked pretty good! ... (It's probably part of the "IE 
stuff not yet added" ... but if I hit the 'subscribe post' link at 
bottom of any of the blurbs about the articles ... the 'subscription 
activated' screen I get sent to has the blue navigation links bleeding 
thruogh and below the black footer bar.)

(2) Oh! The <hr> kind of line, (no, I didn't look at the code - this 
is a 'quick look'), right above "Navigation"? ... It bleeds through 
the white background and all the way through the (old Mustang 'Harvest 
Gold') colored margin.

(3) Is the Browser archive page supposed to have those lighter colored 
backgrounds; (a) for the word 'browser' in 'browser archive? (b) for the 
space left of the word 'browsers' roughly 1/5th of the way down the page 
[browsing at 800x600], and (c) for the word 'untested' in the phrase 
'untested browsers'?

(4) On the 'Donate' page the bullets next to "Why give?", etc all sit 
about 60% in the 'Harvest Gold' left margin and 40% in the white area ... 
looks a bit messy that way ... and the <hr> above the "Nav" menu bleeds 
out through the margin like on that other page.

Sorry, THX-1138 style 'cost/time overrun' coming into play, 

.... Excellent work though!!!  Kudos!!!


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