[theforum] DB porting update at 0530am on Tuesday

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Mon Jan 31 23:37:05 CST 2005

Last 24 hours of progress:

*	Comments imported and displaying correctly

*	Comment stats table created manually so comment
	counts appear on articles in the index view (CLI php script)

*	Drupal's auto-reformatting of our stuff to insert line breaks
	where we don't want them now disabled

*	Anon-posting fixed (DB tweak found)

*	All stories with category id 23  (aka Jobs) have been demoted
	from front page display  (CLI php script)

There's quite a lot of skin/css work there as well, but that's not the
bit I'm doing.

Basically, as far as standard Drupal functions are concerned, the database
has now left the building.



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