[theforum] Skins for the site

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Sun Feb 20 14:37:11 CST 2005

William Anderson wrote:

>Madhu Menon wrote:
>>Is there any plan for the future to have multiple skins for evolt.org?
>>Something ala CSS Zen Garden?
>I don't see the point, personally.  CSS Zen Garden does the job it's meant
>to do, why should we replicate it?  Also, why should we dilute any branding
>we will establish with the redesigned look by allowing people to pick
>different themes?
>Leave it as-is, I say; let's not complicate things with toys.
One problem I see is that the new design is not as neat as our standards 
are (especially in terms of information design). The current (old) 
design is better organized and clearer, the color palette is also more 

I just hadn't brought this up before because:
a) I see a sense of urge in completing this migration,
b) and since I currently don't have the time to help myself, I opted not 
to whine about it.

I'd love to leave the door open for a mid-term analisys and review of 
the new design.

What do the rest of you think?
Is (http://test.evolt.org/) what you want to see as the new face of 
evolt.org for this year or more?
or is it a temp stage?
would you like to build a group and work some more on it?

my 2 pesos

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