[theforum] Skins for the site

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Sun Feb 20 16:11:33 CST 2005

|:.From: javier velasco
|:.One problem I see is that the new design is not as neat as 
|:.our standards 
|:.are (especially in terms of information design). The current (old) 
|:.design is better organized and clearer, the color palette is 
|:.also more 


|:.What do the rest of you think?
|:.Is (http://test.evolt.org/) what you want to see as the new face of 
|:.evolt.org for this year or more?
|:.or is it a temp stage?
|:.would you like to build a group and work some more on it?

This looks as good a time as any to offer my suggestion, my wish for the new
version of eo:

I suggest that we launch the web with Isaac's layout sketches (they can be
found at http://evolt.elfur.org and as you can see by comparing them to
http://test.evolt.org, we still need assistance in finishing it) and that
our first task after launch be announcing a design contest, for the
community to offer design suggestions and that same community to vote on
them and decide which one should be used for your future branding (and maybe
even offer a range of them for a predecided period of time, as testing or
Guidelines would of course be set, like what standards to apply to and how
to handle the logo and the black bar thingy ... If that should be a part of
our branding or not ....

As you can see the suggestion is still very unformed, but the basic idea is
in there.

So, that's my 2kr.

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