[theforum] Allowable tags in content in new site

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Feb 20 14:29:36 CST 2005

Jeff wrote:

> This is particularly frequent in job postings, which are
> more often than not submitted by people who are not
> typical evolt members, but who want to employ them.

> Actually, they're not interested in employing evolt.org members so much as
> they're interested in getting as much exposure for their job opening as
> possible.  Make 'em earn it, I say.

OK, fair point, except that the earning it is done by content folks - it's us that does
the work in tidy. Unless of course, we start knocking back badly formatted job posts...

> To ensure we're talking about the same thing, if you
> look at the form:
> http://test.evolt.org/node/add/story
> you'll see that users who can do full(ish) HTML are
> able to choose that option. Hell, I can even make it
> the default option.

> I see no formatting options form field.

> More importantly, I get "Access denied" when I try to access that URL.

The field is on that URL, which you can't see presumably because you're not logged in.

> We already tell users "don't *demonstrate* scripts/CSS
> tricks on our pages, link to an external page".

> Can you point me to an article when this has been
> needed?

> http://evolt.org/article/js/17/16286/

Just yours then?

> External examples *suck*, imo.  I think they should be included inline as
> often as possible.

Well I disagree, but as
1) the content is stored on the db, and only cleaned on render
2) Admin have an over-ride on the article filter style
this isn't entirely precluded - admin can set the filter style for the article to not
filtering it out, and hey presto, it works.

Which is in line with the code guide:
"If it is necessary for an article, we may leave it, and most likely will edit it.
Otherwise, all submissions with any client-side scripting will have it removed."


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