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Sun Feb 20 20:33:25 CST 2005

Jaview wrote:
|:.What do the rest of you think?
|:.Is (http://test.evolt.org/) what you want to see as the new face of
|:.evolt.org for this year or more?
|:.or is it a temp stage?
|:.would you like to build a group and work some more on it?

I think it's a starting point.

Think of it in the Fred Brooks way: plan to throw one away because you're
going to anyway ;-)

Now that we have more people - both within the existing active group, and
out in the evolt community at large - who can work on the system, we can
actually re-instigate active, ongoing development.

/me points over at the
to-be-combined-when-we-move-lists-onto-tempest-desdev -and-sysadmin list
as the place to do that once we're live.

Elfur wrote:

>I suggest that we launch the web with Isaac's layout sketches (they can be
>found at http://evolt.elfur.org and as you can see by comparing them to
>http://test.evolt.org, we still need assistance in finishing it) and that
>our first task after launch be announcing a design contest, for the
>community to offer design suggestions and that same community to vote on
>them and decide which one should be used for your future branding (and
>even offer a range of them for a predecided period of time, as testing or

woah, hold on there. I am not prepared to sit here, one week before launch
and say that the current new design is so poor that we are going to throw
it away. Or worse: announce on launch day that it's so poor we're going to
throw it all away as soon as humanly possible.

Right now, I don't know whether the imperfections in this - or to be
honest, pretty much any - new design are fundamental or can be resolved
through incremental improvement. And I don't think we *can* know until
it's a live site and we've lived with it for a bit.


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