[theforum] weo signoff

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Thu Mar 3 16:12:10 CST 2005

Jeff wrote:
>> can finance tell us how long we can afford to pay jeff?
> As long as it takes.  I'll shoulder the full costs of bandwidth until the
> final product we're launching with is professional, starting now.
> Come on people.  Let's take some pride in what we put in front of the
> community.

well, that certainly would have been a more 
useful offer a month ago, but in light of the other 
problems jeff has outlined, i think we'd be foolish
to not take him up on his offer.

thank you, jeff, for your better-late-than-never

i vote -1 to relaunching the site in its current state.

also, the following articles have serious display problems:
(i didn't dig too deep, there's definitely more)

can we really relaunch when one of our top design articles
breaks in the new design?

- nagrom

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