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Martin Burns yumyum at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Mar 3 16:50:51 CST 2005

Morgan wrote:

>>> can we have a vote?

>> That's what we are having.

>we are?


>>> so we know what we are voting on/for?
>> On whether the site meets the requirements, the objective of which is to
>> move. No finance report needed (although not having the ongoing income to
>> fund both servers is a further spur).

>this is unacceptable.
>a member has asked for a report, finance should provide the report.

Please read my previous paragraph again. You can have all the reports you
like. But it's a red herring and we will not be drawn into the diversion.

The objective was to move hosts, regardless of the remaining cash situation.

> if we can afford to wait a month and resolve some things,

The issues will be resolved when someone volunteers to resolve them in
standard OSS fashion, the way evolt has always been.

In the mean time, please let's not get trapped into the "monumental
release" mindset, as that (as I remind us again) leads us into Duke Nukem
Forever territory.

>> This is a "as no-one has raised any unresolved critical issues in the time
>> they have had, and as we meet the objectives, let's shift this thing
out >> of
>> vapourware" formality.

> several people have brought up issues they see as critical,

And are they logged where the development team can see them?
ie as requested every single time:

> these issues were/are: (please feel free to add)
> - the design

'not lush' is the best anyone's come up with. Frankly, a lot better than
the existing one. This was thoroughly thrashed out last week, and if you
didn't like it, you've had time enough to come up with a better one.

> - the session urls, and their impact on SEO

I think this is a non-issue - it's not impacting on se reading (note that
teo is *already* being google indexed without session IDs) and/or is a
super-quick drupal config thing anyway. I hand you over to one of our more
experienced Drupalistas for a report on that.

> - frontend features from the old site that aren't on the new one

List please, put in the place I've repeatedly asked for them to be put.


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