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Martin Burns yumyum at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Mar 3 18:07:18 CST 2005

Jeff wrote:

> From: Martin Paul Burns
> > yes but -- we seem to have lost some of the front-end
> > functionality of the old site.
> A few tiny bits and pieces. That's one, but it's at the
> "Wouldn't it be good if..."

> I say po-tay-to.  You say po-tah-to.  Honestly, we're missing more than
and pieces.

> None of the core functionality is gone

Cherry-picking somewhat here, for the rest, please do as repeatedly
requested and file the bugs on the tracker at
with enough detail (test cases helpful) to enable us to diagnose and fix
any actual bugs.

> What about nice, clean, accessible URLs?
Please re-read

This will be resolved with the new data dump. You repeated the same point
several times below with different wording.

>  What about the highest rated articles feature?

Don't think we committed to doing that by launch.

> What about validating to the specified DTD?

I see someone's changed something - other than user-submitted content
(which we're not touching as a surprisingly large amount doesn't
*currently* validate), there are only a couple of tweaks. Document it on
the tracker please

> Why is the article submission part of the site *still* so *very*
> confusing?

I say po-tay-to.  You say po-tah-to.

> Why does every article page crash IE6?

Doesn't on my laptop. Submit it with info about your version of XP and
exact browser build.

> Why do we have to show a pic for the author if one doesn't exist?  Why
not > just *not* show a pic?

I say po-tay-to.  You say po-tah-to.
Decisions made by the development team. I could have make exactly the same
comment about a number of decisions made by those who worked on the
existing site. But hey, I didn't join in any of the work on that, so

> Why is our RSS feed language setting set to en-GB?

Don't know. Why is the current site set to en-US? Ah, that's because in
the current site, most of the developers had that as their primary

> Why can't commenting be turned off by Content for certain articles?

It can, but it needs better labelling in the edit form.

> What happened to being able to "Grrr!" a comment?

Functionality is there, with much more fine-grained control than the blunt
'grr' (and for the record, I always thought that label was ridiculous)

Needs better definition of moderation status.

>  What is the "Helpful Comments" box for?

See, you got it.

>  Why are many articles with code samples royally messed
> up in the print version?  For that matter, why are *so* many articles
> royally messed up in the print version, period?!

Examples please. Documented in the tracker.

But I'll put money it being the content filter. When we get the final data
dump, they will all be imported without filtering, and it'll get turned
back on for new content.

> Why aren't article comments available in the
> print version?

Because someone complained about us implementing bright ideas on the print
template? That was one of the ones you killed, Jeff.

For the record, printing the normal page works much better.

> Can we not only display how long a user has been a member, but also the
> date they joined (I personally hate doing date-related math)?

Why yes, we can implement that feature request. When it's logged on the

> Why can't members of Content edit users?

Same reason they can't at present?

>  Can users be made inactive?

Yes. Also blocked from adding any new content.

> Are comments editable?  Can they be deleted?

Yes and Yes. Role-based.

> Why is UK English and Icelandic the only available language options for
> the site?

Well that's more options than for the existing site, which doesn't even
have the option.

> Can we *please* address the inline heading tag on article pages
> (revisions, edit, preview, etc.)?

I say po-tay-to.  You say po-tah-to.

> Why does a rather specific search like "javascript" yield absolutely
> zero results?

Indexing will happen when we get the final data.

> Are we planning on fixing articles that have #article_path# in them?

...as part of importing the data, yes. Note that the proof of concept is
already done:

> The date/time an article is published and the categor(y|ies) it's
> published in should be below the article title, not above.

Let me refer you to the agreed design.

>  Why do we have to manually
> map URLs to make old ones work?  Why aren't we developing a system that
> recognizes them automatically like we did last time we changed the URL
> scheme?

Dupe, see above.

> Why do I have to delete "username" and "********" from the login
> form everytime I login?

I thought you knew your WAI guidelines, sorry.


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