[theforum] weo signoff

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Mar 3 18:34:01 CST 2005

|:.From: Jeff Howden
|:.No?  Between things that are missing and bugs, I'd say we 
|:.have a *ton* of
|:.work ahead of us before we're out of the woods.

Fair enough.
Without going into any of the specifics you mentioned in your mail ... Is
there *anyone* out there willing and available to do *anything* more than
point out errors[1]? It looks like we've got things to do ... So please ...
Step up and participate in getting them finished.


[1] I'm honestly not complaining about those pointing out errors, because we
need to know about them as well, I'm just asking for someone to do more than

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