[theforum] Handbags

Seb seb at poked.org
Fri Mar 4 03:12:38 CST 2005

Hey guys,

Please take the personal attacks offlist. Calling someone a "dick" on 
list is beyond the limit of what we tolerate around here, and apologies 
are in order.

Overall, it's good to see progress being made on the issue of getting 
WEO away from the current hosting situation and onto a platform that we 
control. However, much of this debate seems to be little more than 
thinly-veiled insults and attacks.

This goes for everyone: if you're working to make evolt.org better, try 
and do it in a respectful and courteous manner. The last few months have 
seen tempers flare and cross words exchanged. There's no excuse for 
that. If you can't follow basic rules of civil discourse, maybe it's 
better not to post at all.

It would be exemplary of the attitude that's got us through the last 5 
years if *everyone* could please put aside the invective for a short 
while whilst we go through this difficult period of transition. Once 
we're live, feel free to go back to bickering, just not on this list.



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